Do you have a new product that you want to announce to the world? Are you a company that wants to get it's name out there? Or maybe you're an established company looking to remind everyone about your fantastic products and services. It doesn't matter what your company does or sells, you want people to know about it, you need people to know about. We can help!

Viable Controls has created a new avenue for advertising in hospitality establishments such as bars and pubs. Everybody wants to advertise their wares on television. This patent-pending innovation provides the chance to do just that, but without the huge expense associated with television advertising.

ViableTv gives our venues the opportunity to use their own televisions to display advertising along side the normal television programming. This provides a very specific demographic for your targeted advertising dollars. For companies looking to spread the word and make impressions for a low cost, this is the perfect solution.

If you have existing ads in any computer image format that you'd like seen, we can get those on the screens. If you don't have images but know what you want to say, we can have a graphic designer create something for you.

With ViableTv, your advertisements will be displayed at least once per hour, but for what duration? It's your choice. Your ad will be displayed on venue televisions for that amount of time every hour the venue is open, every day. This means your ad is being seen frequently, AND you're getting yourself seen during all the big games and events!

In this example, the normal television programming shows a hockey player skating on a lake. This programming is scaled to allow space for advertising at the right and bottom of the television screen. In this case, a brewery is taking advantage of the opportunity to promote it's latest brand.

Viable Controls believes in providing compelling options to you the advertiser but we are also always open to new suggestions and ideas, so if one of the following options does not suit you please bring it up with us and we can find a solution just for you!


With adjoined advertising your advert will be displayed at least once per hour for 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds. Discounts are available for long term runs and multiple timeslots per hour. Please contact us for more information.

With corner logos your advertisement will be displayed periodically during normal televsion programming. You have the option of once per 20, 40 or 60 minutes for durations of 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds.

For more information on how Viable Controls can help you, contact us today.

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