Viable Controls is delivering to market a new platform for the service industry. Using the already existing television infrastructure of your waiting room we are enabling you to reach out to your clientele with another avenue for product promotion.

The problem with having a television in your waiting room is that customers who are waiting there will see the regular commercials, which could unfortunately include your competition's advertisements. ViableTV can display your own commercials during the regular commercial breaks. This allows you to promote your own products and services and at the same time prevents customers from viewing undesirable ads.

ViableTv can insert your own television commercials, but it can also display an advertisement image. If you already have commercials, those commercials can be shown. If you don't have existing commercials and don't want the extra expense involved with creating one then we can create simple images to display instead (ie sales, weekly specials, announcements, etc).

ViableTv can also display your information at the same time as the regular broadcasting by reducing the size of the broadcast and displaying information alongside it. By offering regular tv content in the corner of a screen, whether it be sports or news content, in conjunction with your promotional content your customers will be viewing the regular television program while at the same time seeing your message.

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Waiting Room

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